Wednesday, March 12, 2008

mos lame?

let me begin by telling you that it hurts my heart to write this. i love mos def. he is my favorite celebrity of all time. my celeb crush. seriously, def poetry has changed my life. so has brown sugar and black on both sides. also, the highlight of my year so far has been seeing him in person on mlk day.

but dude, when it comes to picking your scripts, what are you doing??? the big name movies he was in started out good. brown sugar, the italian job, etc. he even voiced ganstalicious for the boondocks, which was hilarious... "i don't wanna do this anymore. i'm tired of gettin' shot. heeeelllllp!" but c'mon, lately, it's been not hot. has anyone seen the hitchikers guide to the galaxy? i thought not. well, i did because it was mos and it was terrible. i don't think i ever did make it to the end. now it's be kind, rewind? seriously, who wants to see that shit? it's about the stupidest plot i've ever heard of. you put mos and jack black in it, two huge names, and it still is completely unappealing. i'm still trying to figure out how the producers got these guys to do it in the first place.

look, all i'm saying is that you need to step up your game, player. with more than a handful of films in some level of production, i'm really hoping for a home run soon. one that i can shelve next to my cherished copy of brown sugar as one of my all-time favorites. or at the very least, just one that i actually want to see. but in the meantime, i'll just remind myself that i can always close my eyes and listen for now...

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