Friday, September 21, 2007

life with myspace

wow. to all of my concerned fans, i'm so very sorry to have interrupted your life by deleting my myspace account. frankly, i was tired of it. bored, so i moved on to blogging. which by no means is any more grown-up than myspace. just more fun. so, again, thank you for all the emails, IM's and texts that you all sent me. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR MYSPACE????" it's almost as if a part of me has died. perhaps you will find a new "top friend" or perhaps, in mourning, you will leave that empty space it leaves in your top 8, 12, 2o or whatever... to remember me by. i will deeply miss all of your comments, bulletins and sparkly graphics but it's time for me to move on. as a side note, the amount of people who noticed i was gone was in sharp contrast to the small amount of actual correspondence i received via myspace - leading me to believe that you all are stalkers! (frankly, i can't help but chuckle as i write this. are you all serious?) please save this url to your favorites so that now, you can look forward to stalking me as i write something each day i am at work. i'm getting to be a professional at not working at work lately!


Anonymous said...

#1 I left you comments on your myspace page

#2 I am deeply saddened by the deletion of your page and did, frankly, have to move someone else into my "top 4"

#3 I do enjoy the blog more


Anonymous said...

Did you delete your facebook page as well??? I'll kill a bitch, K! You can't do this to me!!