Wednesday, September 12, 2007

jim crow in jena

ok, i talk about revolution all the time, but never have i actually wanted to participate so bad. i desperately want to march in Jena next week. i already know there will be thousands there on the steps of the courthouse, but i need one of those people to be me. sure, we all know that racism, classism, bigotry... all of that still exist. it happens every day in every nook and cranny of the world. the fact that Jena HS still has a "white tree" makes me sick to my stomach. but this case is such a gross abuse of power that our entire nation needs to stand up and prove that we are not apathetic. we're talking the futures of six average teenagers. i'm frantic trying to figure out how to go... like let me see who can watch amaia for 2 days... let me see if i can trade a few days at work since i ran out of vacation... let me see if the NAACP still has room on the bus from Detroit. folks, there are buses leaving from every major city in the country and they're cheap! deep down, i know i can't go because of amaia, but i'm going to figure out another way to help the cause. first, i'm asking everyone... ANYONE who can possibly go, please GO! second, if you support the cause (who wouldn't???), please wear all black as a sign of protest next thursday. finally, if i get enough studio time tomorrow, i will produce a PSA to air on The Prop Shop this saturday. America, don't let "the man" get us down like this. this is history repeating itself...

if you don't know the story, read it first...
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