Thursday, September 13, 2007

hate to love him

ok, so i just listened to kanye's new album, Graduation, for the first time today. first of all, let me point out that i hate kanye. he is a whiney, arrogant, immature, flagrant cry-baby. hate him. "George Bush hates black people". no he doesn't, fucker... he hates POOR people. so why oh why is he so genious? seriously, please God, give me his producing skills and his money and i promise not to be a sell out. what he's become is the antithesis of what he creates. he is a progressive, innovative, skillful producer and rapper. his work speaks for itself. it is part of the hip-hop movement. positive. progressive. real. and then he opens his mouth out in the real world and he fucks it all up. his personality represents everything the intellectual population hates about rap. mr. west, you take 10 steps forward and 15 back. you fit right into dave chappelle's advancement of black people chart. sure, we'd all rather see you open the VMA's than britney spears. but if you were really real, you'd quit crying about not getting awards. after all, you got your "got a lotta cheese award", that's all you care about, right? the one good thing that has come from your ridiculous social outbursts? 50 cent has vowed to retire if this album outsells Curtis. let's hope he makes good on his word.

damn. but your album is so hot.

so? i bootlegged that shit anyway. bitch.

on a far more positive note.... amongst all this gangster bullshit going on, did everyone forget about the new releases of talib, lupe and little brother??? you want progress, this is it. i just bought Eardrum today and CAN'T WAIT to get home and check it out. i'm actually ashamed i didn't cop it until now. it was released on my daughter's birthday, so it's destined to be good! with appearances by KRS-One (HELLO! KRS-One!!!), musiq, lyfe jennings, kanye, JT, UGK, raheem devaugn, norah jones and jean grae.... hey, it's this kind of album that deserves your money.


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