Thursday, December 6, 2007


here are a few random updates regarding past posts...

-Californication is over and i am in love with the fictional Hank Moody. really. i want him to be real.

-i still listen to kanye's album frequently... so much in fact, i recognized a piano tribute to his beats on terry's computer! i am also loving talib's new release of course and i've heard that little brother's new album is as amazing as i had expected.

-fyi, i'm back on myspace. i'm such a loser.

-grandma's boyfriend is super cool. too cool in fact. i want to tell him to stop being so nice and helpful. on the flip side, i am still sans "gentleman friend"

-the little one is not cussing anymore, although there was one incident when she decided she could test the word "damn". "mom, is damn a bad word?" "yes, please don't say it" "but why can't i say damn?" "because i'm the mom and i said so" "but why?"..... etc, etc.

-i'm still sick to death of religious know-it-alls, but that will never change. i am, however, enthused by amaia's interest in different cultures and religions. one can never knock knowlege.

-i'm ditching comcast this week.... FINALLY! has anyone tried out AT&Ts U-Verse? i'm excited because i get way more things for way less money!

-and i still don't have a job.

that's it for now!

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