Tuesday, December 4, 2007

people suck.

people bother me. i am totally the reincarnate of my father, although i'm considerably better at hiding my disdain for humanity. my dad and i couldn't stand each other for the better part of my teenage years and now i know why - we see in each other everything we hate about ourselves. anyway, here are the winners of the "bother me the most" award this week:

1. dad jew and mom jew from the bat mitzfah i catered last weekend. they spent roughly $75K on a party for a 13 year old, consisting of circus performers, street actors, personal marquee and open bar for 300 people. obviously, all is right in the world when we can shit that kind of money away. i'd die before i even spent that much on my own wedding. we worked a 15 hour shift to pull it all off and drove an hour home in the winter storm. oh, and did i mention they stiffed us on the tip? mazel tov.

2. the guy who interviewed me a month and a half ago and hasn't filled the position yet. actually, i really liked this guy and the studio and the job... which is why i'm mad at him this week. just hire me already and fix all the self-fulfillment and financial issues in my life. i hate to wait. i believe i am meant to work one job. i'm over holding down three, thank you very much. and p.s. - i would kick ass at this job.

3. the email abuser at work. i'm not a huge fan of receiving 6 emails from one person over the course of an hour about one subject. if you really have that much for me to know, think about it for a bit... THEN email me. or write a draft and read it a few times to make sure it says exactly what you want me to read before you hit the send button. also, i don't need to be copied on all of your correspondance. it clogs my inbox, i don't read it, and it stresses me out. who fucking cares?

4. and finally, as a general rule, i'm sick of reading about children being beaten, raped and murdered in the news every day. if you do it, you deserve to die. period. go to hell.

that's it for now. the bitchiness is overwhelming this week. i can think of 3-4 things that might make it better... i'll have to work on those and check my mood next week!

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Nick said...

uh-oh...Am I #3??? I know I am a "forward" abuser....