Monday, January 7, 2008

to taze or not to taze?

this morning, i read about Taser parties on although it sounded a little sketch to me, i investigated further and discovered that yes, indeed these were akin to mary kay, pure romance and pampered chef parties. and here's the part that hooked me: most attendees were single women who live alone.

it wasn't until i became a parent and decided that i was "better off alone" that i began to lie in bed and dream up all of the horrible things that could happen to me, or god forbid, my daughter before sunlight came again. seriously, it gets me all worked up. i am, by nature, a relatively anxious person, but this pushes me over the edge some nights. i am shamed to say that i feel more comfortable with a man in the house, but i do. rosie the rivoter would be disappointed. i gotta admit, i am often scared for my life, even when there is no threat present.

but back to the taser parties... after reading the article, i decided that i want one! not as scary as a gun, but more useful than my trusty ol' baseball bat that lies hidden near my bed. i felt a weight lift from my shoulders. i had finally found a solution to protecting my small family and feeling safe again in my own home! even the $350 pricetag won't discourage me (that's what tax returns are for). imagine my dismay when i discover that they are illegal in about 6 or 7 states and michigan is one of those states. i should find out more anyway, but for now...

do any of you feel like, uh, picking one up next time you're in town???

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